Shay Isdale Design | Energi App
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Energi App

About This Project

Energi is the first of app of its kind. It is built on the idea of mico-coaching at key points throughout an individual’s day. Energi also leverages your calendar by syncing that data and analyzing your day. Our algorithm then suggests healthy activities and coaching opportunities to help maximize your energy throughout the day. Your energy levels are displayed as a graph on the top of our daily agenda. Energi has large library of “Increasers” that are micro-coaching events crafted by industry experts. The user can schedule these increasers throughout the day and see their projected energy score improved in real time. In addition to coaching, the app aggregates health information for a more complete picture of well being.


Energi also has a watch app counterpart for quick scheduling, micro-coaching, and quickly rating events throughout your day. You can learn more about the app and get it here.